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All outbound ports are open. DLNA, Bonjour and GDM are disabled by default. If you wish to open other ports then open an Plex Support Ticket you can open ports in the client portal:

  1. Select the Plex hosting service in the portal.

  2. Select the Network tab in the top right:
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  3. Under the network tab, you will see two options Inbound Firewall and Outbound Firewall:

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    Inbound relates to traffic coming into the Plex server, Outbound is traffic leaving the Plex server.

    By default, we set all outbound traffic enable and only open the above ports for inbound traffic.

  4. If you wanted to open inbound TCP port 4444 for example, then select Inbound Firewall:

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    If you only want to open the inbound port to a specific IP, then you can enter it in the CIDR field.


If you have any questions please open an Plex Support Ticket in the client portal.