Seafile ( is an enterprise file sync and share solution that can make use of ObjSpace for file storage. This guide assumes you are running the Pro version of Seafile which includes S3 support. You can install the 3 user Pro version for free.

Step-by-step guide

Assuming that you have Seafile already install on your server

  1. Create three bucket on ObjSpace for commit, filesystem and block, for example myseafile-commit, myseafile-fs, myseafile-block.
  2. Login with SSH to the server running Seafile
  3. Edit /opt/seafile/conf/seafile.conf with your usual editor and add the following configuration, substituting your bucket names from step 1 and your Access/Secret keys

  4. Edit /etc/memcached.conf and change the line to increase startup RAM:

  5. If you are running Debian, you must also copy the CA Server bundle:

    Copy CA Server Bundle
  6. You are now ready to restart Seafile and confirm that its working:

    Restart Seafile
  7. Verify the creation of the Seafile folders/files in your S3 Client:

You're now ready to use Seafile with ObjSpace

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