S3 Browser (http://www.s3browser.com) is a freeware Windows client for S3 compatible object stores like Delimiter's ObjSpace service. You can use S3Browser to manage buckets, directories, files and permissions (ACL).

Step-by-step guide

  1. Install S3Browser from their website http://www.s3browser.com
  2. Once installed 'Add new account' and configure as follows:

    In Access Key ID and Secret Access Key use the Access Key and Secret Key found in the welcome email you received from Delimiter.

  3. Click the Add new account button and S3Browser will verify the connection and show you a list of current buckets in your storage area.


Now that its setup, you can add/delete buckets, upload/download files as well as

Bucket names form the host name used to access the files. If you had a bucket called mybucket then the files in that bucket can be accessed either as mybucket.obj.space or as obj.space/mybucket. Remember if you want public access to a bucket then you must set the ACL for All Users to Read. By default public users have no access to a buckets contents.