MXScrub is Delimiter's cloud based antispam/antivirus platform. In order to use it with your domains,  you need to make some DNS changes.


Normally inbound email is sent directly into your mailserver or service:

With MXScrub, email is sent into MXScrub directly then only the clean, sanitised emails are forwarded to your mailserver:

Step-by-step guide


Before starting you need the welcome email sent to you. It contains your assigned MXScrub Servers.


For this example, we'll assume your domain is called and your mailserver's name is


  1. Login to the Delimiter client portal and select your MXScrub service:

  2. Click on the Manage Domains option on the left side:

  3. Enter your domain and mailserver then click Add Domain. It will take a few seconds to provision then you should see your domain in the top section of the page with your mailserver next to it. Double check this information before proceeding to the next step:

    If you have made a typo you can delete the domain using the X on the right side and redo it.

  4. Next update your DNS information so that email is directed to MXScrub rather than directly to your mailserver. You need to replace the MX records with ones you received in the welcome email. In this example, DNS is provided by GoDaddy, so login to GoDaddy's Domain Control panel. Select DNS Zone File:

    Delete the existing MX Records and then add the ones provided in the welcome email, our example uses

  5. Once the DNS changes have propagated then emails will be directed through MXScrub. After a few hours will start to see statistics building in the client portal. Initially it will be blank.


If you have any questions please open an MXScrub Support Ticket in the client portal.